AndyW LTD Review

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AndyW LTD Review

Are you searching for the AndyW LTD reviews in order to find out what is AndyW LTD  trading signals provider. You can get their 50 pips a day using their strategy, so is it scam or legit? You are absolutely in the right place because here, within our AndyW LTD review, you are going to find out the complete truth about AndyW LTD.

There is no contact address but you can email support at :email at, phone via (+44)7414100686 and Skype andy.w19731.

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OK, let’s begin with our AndyW LTD review in order to find out what is AndyW LTD in real.

AndyW LTD Review

The process for setting up the Forex signals and getting access to AndyW LTD’s 50 pips a day strategy is outline simply at the top of the page. Traders are told to sign up, download the application and then immediately start receiving trades. Andy believes that his service has an edge over the competition because he provides top Forex education, to trades per day, and an 83.4% success rate on all trades provided.

We are also told that Andy trades all sessions, so it doesn’t matter where you live in the world, there will be signals within your trading session.

In looking closer at the application in the app store, it’s quite apparent that this isn’t the most popular service. There are currently only 2 reviews, with one being a 5 star and the other being a 1 star. This indicates to me, that the service isn’t being utilized by many traders, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad product, just one that hasn’t been marketed aggressively. This is very similar, with many of the signal services I’ve reviewed recently, such as ToolsTrades, 123 Free Signals and FX Leaders.

As is the case with all signal services, traders are required to place the trades on their own. This does not work like a Forex robot that will automatically place the trades on your behalf.


  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: App Download
  • Strategy: 50 pips a day
  • Timeframe: Any
  • Pairs: Any

There doesn’t seem to be any price for the signals at first glance, but I’m going to assume that there is some sort of upsell or premium service available within the application. This is generally how signal services like AndyW LTD operate, so I will lead with a bit of an assumption in this matter. If you have tested the service, and you have more information on the pricing, please leave a comment with this information below.


The main method of marketing for the signal service rests on the shoulders of one trader, AndyW. This product is advertised, as a one-man show, which makes it very important that this trader is very successful at what he does. There is a page on the website dedicated to his story, which outlines why he is “part of the 5% successful Forex traders using a 50 pips a day trading strategy.” Then, “due to his outstanding results,” he became a Forex Mentor, and is now providing trading signals.

Outside of this product, and website, there isn’t a lot of information about Andy.

I’d really like to see, some third-party information on this trader, as well as some trading accounts that he’s been working with over the past 11 years perfecting his craft.

Trading Results

The trading results section, or AndyW LTD performance page, is quite disappointing. There are 3 different graphs, the daily graph, the weekly graph and the monthly graph. Each of these graphs show total pips per month, total pips today and total pips since the service was launched in August 2014.

The reason I say that this is disappointing, is because these numbers could easily be fabricated. These graphs are not associated with any statement sharing service like FX Blue, and there are no history of actual trades for me to audit and analyze.

It’s possible that the signals are this effective, but there is nothing to prove that they are. The lone customer client review on FPA suggests that these results are not real, and also believes that Andy is not an experienced trader.


I don’t want to truly rule out the potential of the AndyW LTD signal service, and his 50 pips a day strategy, but there are aspects in this review that require a healthy level of skepticism. I believe that the vendor will be positively served by providing more transparent trading results hosted on verified statement sharing services, as well as providing more personal trading history.

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