Earn 2 Trade Review

Today I’m reviewing an educational Forex trading service that wants to help you become a professional trader, Earn 2 Trade. The creators of this project want to provide traders with educational videos, webinars, trading simulators, reference guides, quizzes, assignments, ongoing support and mentorship. That’s certainly a lot of content, but it doesn’t come cheap as the vendors are asking for $700 a month. This is very difficult to stomach for the average trader, but I’ll continue to provide a review and let you know if there is enough value to abort this type of exorbitant fee.

Owned and operated by Ryan Masten, and David Lojko, this company believes that they have the ability to “redefine what trade education can be.” There is no information regarding where in the US the head offices are located, but traders can get in touch with support via support@earn2trade.com or 1-888-502-2260.

Earn 2 Trade Review

The goal of the Earn2Trade team is spoken consistently throughout the sales page, as they want to teach traders how to be successful in the marketplace, and create professional traders. They believe that they have the ability to educate any level of trader, and help them “transition from hobby trader to a pro.”

The team consists of 4 main members, a teacher, a developer and two active successful day-traders.

I first came across this service, because the developers own the Binary Options Edge forum, and they sent me an email a few days ago claiming they’ve started this futures and Forex education service. Considering they own a binary options form, I was somewhat confused as to why they are delving into Forex and futures. Yet, after spending more time on this page, it seems quite apparent that they are better suited for both Forex and futures. In the email, they do tell us that in the future they would like to move into other avenues such as stocks and options education as well. So, this is likely something we can look forward to, if we are members.


  • Type: Forex & Futures Education
  • Price: $299-699/mo
  • Videos: 60+
  • Educators: 4

Not to harp on one element, but the pricing for the Earn2Trade service, is certainly a big chunk of change. There are currently 3 plans available, the classic plan that goes for $299 per month, the live plan at $699 per month and the gauntlet plan which goes for $349 bimonthly.

The classic plan is built for traders that are looking for education only, while the other plans give traders access to the Gauntlet, which they referred to as “the Gateway to becoming a professional trader.”

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is a simulated challenge for traders that have already been trading for some time, and are looking to prove themselves. The Earn2Trade developers will set up a $25,000 SIM account, for traders to show their stuff over a 60 day evaluation period. After this evaluation is over, traders can submit results to a proprietary trading firm associated with the E2T team. This firm will then review the trading history over this 60 days, and if they are happy with what they see, “they will send you would offer about becoming a partner in the trading firm so you can begin trading real money.”

With the firm, traders would be trading the firm’s funds, but still keeping 80% of the profits made.

I would like to see much more information about this firm, and this process before I believe that it is a viable option, or opportunity. I’ve seen offers like these in the past by Wall Street Academy, and Forever in Profit, but those never panned out. I do believe that the team behind this service is much more professional though, I will say.


The Earn2Trade educational service is certainly an interesting one. This team of traders believe that they have the tools and ability to create professional traders that can then go on to work and trade with proprietary trading firms. Before signing up, I would like to see multiple examples where traders completed this gauntlet successfully and were signed on by this firm. We don’t want to get ourselves in a position where we are paying $700 per month, when there isn’t actually a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I would also like to see more transparency when it comes to the educators. I would like to see real live trading accounts verified by statement sharing services, so that we can see exactly how strong they are as traders.

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