Today we are looking at a new trading system, EverTech Forex Robot. The developers of this software believe that they have figured out how to trade the easy way. They offer the market the ability to maximize earnings while minimizing effort.

The sales page for this product pushes the idea that traders can earn straightaway because their robot constantly updates to market conditions and delivers the best results.

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EverTech Forex Robot Review

The developers of the EverTech Forex Robot believe that their product works no matter what the market is doing, and that’s their consistent message. They tell us that “If you want a Forex robot that generates an income no matter the market conditions, then EverTech Forex Robot is the perfect solution.” Considering how frequently they discuss their ability to keep up with market conditions, it would be nice to have some sort of explanation on this technology and why they claim it’s so different from the rest of the marketplace.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $179 Enterprise, $299 Professional, $1499 Unlimited
  • Strategy: Not disclosed
  • Timeframe: Not disclosed

Trading Results

We haven’t been able to find any real client accounts running EverTech Forex Robot yet, but there is a vendor account on FXBlue. We do prefer my FX book, but we won’t hold that against the developer.

As we look at the results today we can say that the software is providing the vendors with an 8.1% weekly return over the past 64 days. This is not a large sample size by any means but the results so far do look quite impressive.

The software does hold quite a few trades open at a time. As of right now, there are 12 orders open, and 11 of them are floating losses. This doesn’t mean that they won’t become profitable over time, but some of them have been open for over 2 days already.

The winning percentage for each pair is between 62 to 65 and the majority of wins are around the 20 pip mark, with losses ranging from 3 to 30 on average.


There is still a lot we need to learna bout the EverTech Forex Robot before we can give it anything higher than a 3 star rating. Firstly, it would be good to see some real client accounts to see if they match up with the vendors results. Also, it would be very beneficial to let this account run for 2 to 3 more months to see how it does in the long term. As we are sitting now it 2 months, this robot still has a lot to prove.

Please feel free to leave a comment showing us your trading results or anything else you would like to share. Thank you for spending your time with us here at Forex robot nation and please email us anytime if you need help trading are picking the right robot for you.

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