Forex RoboCop is an EA that will allegedly a 100% hands off system that will make up to $20,000/month. It is developed  by Alex Tanuka. Today we will be taking a closer look at the software and other robots that have been released by Alex Tanuka and Forex Pacific Inc.

Forex RoboCop EA Review

Forex Robocop EA is one of the cheapest. You can buy the software for a price of $99 which includes a free trend runner indicator. The number of accounts you can use with this EA is not stated, and it is not known if there is any benefit or limitations to the demo or live package.

The best strategy the EA works on was not disclosed in details but we are told that the system’s accuracy is up to 85%. The available currency pairs are: EURUSD, USDCHF and USDCAD on the M30 timeframe. The success rate is up to 85%. This doesn’t really mean that it is 85%, it just means up to 85% which guess could essentially mean 20%.

Alex Tanuka and Forex Pacific Inc.

Alex is a very busy product developer. He is constantly releasing new robots to the market with similar sales pages. His approach is much like Anna Forex or Rita Lasker in that the products are released frequently and then forgotten about. While many developers will release one robot every 2 to 3 years and then provide updates, Alex prefers to continually provide new robots. There are some that say this is because the robots he’s releasing aren’t very good and don’t have a shelf life.

Personally, we prefer systems that provide updates and growth as opposed to a quick hitter like Forex RoboCop.

Now, let’s look at the historical significance of some of Alex’s other products:

  • Forex Autodealer
  • Forex Talisman
  • Forex Twin Pips
  • Forex Cash Master
  • Forex Nautilus

ForexRoboCop Results

When the Scam Expert Advisor reviews a Forex EA to determine if this EA is a trusted entity or a scam, we check to see if they have an active performance result. It is easy to know if an expert advisor is verified if they display a performance result from the Myfxbook or FXBlue. The ForexRoboCop results results are quite disappointing. Alex Tanuka is years behind when it comes to reporting, historical analysis and every other means of trading results. He is relying on a single trading statement from early November 2015 to December 2015, a period of one month. If you’ve been the Forex trader 4 some time now you will know that one month is simply not a valid sample size. There are thousands of automated Forex robots available for free that can give you one good month but that doesn’t mean they are good systems. A trading robot that gives you one good month could easily blow up your entire account in one bad day. Obviously we don’t want to insinuate absolutely that this is probable with the Forex Robocop, but it’s something you need to be conscious of. Alex should do himself a favor by running his trading systems and uploading the statements to Myfxbook.

Review Verdict – Forex RoboCop is a Scam

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If you are currently trading with Forex RoboCop EA, please share your experience with other new investors in the comments below.

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