FX Secure Income is a manual trading strategy by David Godffrey an ex-prop trader and current strategy master.  To get in touch with support, traders can email support@fxsecureincome.com.

FX Secure Income Review

There is no strategy and preferred time frame disclosed for the FX Secure Income. The goal of David Godfrey is to give traders the opportunity to copy what he does on a daily basis. He believes that in doing so his FX Secure Income strategy will provide traders with low risk opportunities that can be capitalized on in just 15 minutes per day. The strategy works on all major pairs and there are promises of win rates between 87 to 93%, and screenshots to show different trade setups.

The price to copy David Godfrey manual strategy is $39 and this strategyis built on a 100% mechanical basis which ensures the traders can just follow the method without having to do any extra analysis. Allegedly, the FX secure Income strategy will make $10,000 a day for those that use it.

Trading Results Check

There is a collection of Myfxbook screenshots, and a few different trade setups in meta-trader 4, to try and show us how FX Secure Income performs.

There are quite a few issues with the results being provided.

There is no doubt in my mind that David is trying to trick traders with many of the screenshots being provided. In the example below, you can see that David is telling us that this is one of his accounts. Yet, the top left of the image where the account name normally is, has been deleted. On top of that, we are not given access to any of these accounts. Normally, if a vendor owns a Myfxbook account, they will link us to that account so that we can verify for ourselves. Not a single one of the screenshots directs us to a Myfxbook account, so it’s my belief that all of these screenshots are stolen from other accounts that have nothing to do with this strategy.

My initial opinions of the FX Secure Income were positive, but as the review went on, I started to see some major flaws in the marketing material. The vendor doesn’t provide us with any strategic information, and the trading results look to be stolen from other trading systems and accounts. There is no way that I can recommend this software to any of our readers.

Most Successful Robot

FXMasterBot is being presented on the market as a solution that aids men and women become masters in the trading field within a short period of time. When comparing this robot with other options for Forex trading robots, there are a few things you will notice.

  • There are no fake testimonials on their website.
  • No guarantees of performance results
  • They don’t promise 90% accuracy.
  • No fake pitchmen in a video with airplanes.
  • Minimum deposit to start trading is $100
  • Free Demo Trading Mode, register here.

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