FXX Viper is a Forex Managed Account Service made available through ForexSignals.com which is owned and operated by ThinkHuge Ltd. The location of the offices aren’t disclosed. To get in touch with support, traders can contact support@forexsignals.com.

FX Viper MAMM Review

Investors fund will be traded and managed by professional traders based on technical analysis. The time used by this professionals is undisclosed but it seems that the work best on a single pair which is the EURUSD.

The entire concept behind this managed account was the phrase “if you don’t make money, we don’t make money.” The traders at ForexSignals.com stated this frequently in the advertising of this managed account service.


The only mystery now, is why this successful service has been discontinued. They have more than enough followers to continue providing the service, so I would have to assume it has something to do with the provider, Jeff. The man who is behind the trading.

MAMM Results

Myfxbook result of the FX Viper master account shows that this account is has a gain of 133%, with a drawdown of 12.81%. It’s been running since June 20, 2013, and is still actively trading today. There are currently 31 open trades for drawdown of -10.49%, but the fact that the account is still being traded leads me to believe that this service will likely be available again at some point in the near future.

In all of the months this strategy has been around, there is only been one losing month, July 2014. Yet, the monthly gain has been quite moderate since 2014. In the first 2 years, this system gained much larger monthly percentages. Whereas now, the Viper grows accounts on average .5-1% per month. Any gain is good gain, but this is not the type of results that gave the managed account service such a big name in the first place.

Our best advise for you

Well, at this point there aren’t really many options for the conclusion. Considering this managed accounts isn’t available at the moment, we couldn’t recommend the service if we wanted to. So in that case, I’ll be coming back to this review when the managed account service is back up and running to let the Forex community know if I trust this trading strategy or not. It certainly shows promise, but I would like to know some more information about the viper trading strategy in 2018, and what type of approach they will be taking to deal with future market developments for now stick to the usual trading tools.

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