FXMasterBot Review

FXMasterBot is a 100% hands off Forex auto trading bot. Unlike most scam software, on the front page of their web-site you can find exactly what you will gain with this FXMasterBot.com before you even purchase so you know that you can replicate their strategies.

Official Website: fxmasterbot.com.

Before you decide to join the FXMasterBot, we strongly suggest you to read our detail review of the FXMasterBot software so that you can find out the truth about the FXMasterBot. This review will help you to find out about what is FXMasterBot.

What is FX Auto Software

Auto trading FX is a system of trading in the Forex market where trades are executed by a computer-based signals robot on a particular platform. The computer software is developed with a set of trading strategies deemed necessary for profitable trades. Auto Trading Software assist in high frequency trading to transact large number of trades at a very fast speed. This the do by using complex algorithm to analyze multiple markets and execute orders based on market conditions.

So, why are we talking about FX Auto Trading in the middle of FXMasterBot review?

  • Using FXMasterBot software is the wise way to make profits without using your precious time.
  • You don’t have to be the  world’s most greatest trader, you don’t need most years in FX market or  need large amount of capital to trade because the FXMasterBot have been programmed.
  • There  is no need of watching countless charts and graph or reading online trading data pouring out of wallstreet.
  • All these will be done for you by the FXMasterBot auto software, where the FXMasterBot is the one that is actually conducting the trading.

Click this link to join FXMasterBot: fxmasterbot.com.

Rating: 97/100

Suitable for: All

Recommended: Yes

Minimum Deposit: $250

FXMasterBot Review

FXMasterBot though launched in December, 2017  was established by professionals who have been creating trading software since 2012. The FXMasterBot is not owned by any Forex or Binary option broker and unarguably be the NO1  auto trading software in years to come.

The founders of FXMasterBot are real Forex traders that have you in mind. What makes investors very attracted to this software is how you can customize the robot to suit your trading style and money management.

FXMasterBot is fully automated trading software that allow you to trade Forex and binary options and they offer 3 basic account suitable for both beginner and expert traders alike.

FXmasterBot Platform

FXMasterBot-Account Type

FXMasterBot comes with 3 investment plans :

FXMasterBot Novice Account – This account is considered as a beginner’s account since deposit is only $250 which is minimum to use it. Traders get special benefits that include 3 currency pairs and chance to open 3 trades at the same time. Also, you can trade with multiple brokers and get points on Leaderboard x1

FxMasterBot Expert Account – With the upgraded form of novice account, traders can trade with 9 currency pairs, get additional settings for their account and have Leaderboard multiplier x2. Minimum deposit for this account is $500

FXMasterBot Master Account – With this account, traders will use all the benefits that FXMasterBot offers. To use this account, traders need to deposit with two brokers $500 on each account. The benefits of this account are access to all advanced settings, all currency pairs, VIP customer support treatment and Leaderboard multiplier x3.

While for the time being, only 5 Forex brokers are supported, the manufacturer plans to add more brokers. The FXMasterBot will upgrade automatically to accommodate the new brokers, by upgrading its dashboard. New features will be added in a similar manner.

The bot comes with a Demo feature, through which users can test the robot free of charge before making a physical deposit. There’s a Reverse trading feature, which is available in  case an investor feels that the bot is choosing trade in the wrong direction.

FXMasterBot-Configuration Settings

In addition to the reverse trading, there are other important features to configure the FXmasterBot settings

  • Max Concurrent Trades – This is the number of trades that the robot can trade at the same time.
  • Daily Take Profit – You can set your maximum daily profit
  • Daily Stop Loss – Tell the robot the maximum number of wrong trades it can make in a day. This is the best part as you will not allow the robot to waste your money on loosing trades.
  • Max Daily Trades – Set the total number of trades the robot will place in a day.

FXMasterBot Advanced Settings

The trade Expiration Period ranges from short term to long term. And more importantly, do not forget to make use of the Risk Level Guage. The FXMasterBot risk gauge is coded in colours, red means high risk and green low risk trade.


Some investors visit the FXMasterBot site and see the FXMasterBot LeaderBoard feature only to comeback for explanation. The FXMasterBot LeaderBoard is a unique feature integrated in to the FXMasterBot, not just to increase profitability but also to make trading with the FXMasterBot interesting and not boring. To understand better, we will explain to the traders’ points calculation:

Trade volume x multiplier + (deposits-withdrawals)

Let’s say that the trader reached the trading volume of 200$. The trader also deposited $500 and withdrawn $200. The trader is currently on the Expert Level, so his multiplier is x2.

200×2 + (500-200) = 400 + 300 = 700 points

The Leaderboard is going from the new start every month so every trader has the opportunity to share a cash prize each month!

FXMasterBot-Is it a Scam?

FXMasterBot is definitely not a scam. Compared to many forex trading software you may have seen, you will notice that the people behind FXMasterBot does not intend to sell your dreams in any way such as – using fake testimonials, guaranteeing 100% win rate and the use of sales video featuring borrowed lifestyles. In 2018, you don’t have any reason to make use of any crappy piece of software.

In order words, FXMasterBot is a legit work from home tool, which provides you all necessary signals and guide that you need to be successful in the Forex industry and also provides you the platform to earn money from it. The help and support section of FXMasterBot is also top rated in the industry. They have a live chat facility where you can get adequate answers to any difficulty you may incur, see more.

FXMasterBot-Getting Started

To get started with FXMasterBot you need to register at FXMasterBot.com which is easy and barely takes more than 2 minutes. After you must have registered and confirmed your account, then you have to login into your account. You have the options to test the robot on demo trading or go straight to make a deposit. Click on the ‘deposit’ button. Select the broker, and proceed to deposit. You’ll be prompted to the next page with different payment options, select the one that is best for you and make your deposit.

FXMasterBot-Payment Options

FXMasterBot is completely free software. This means that traders don’t need to pay any membership or monthly fee to use it. However, to use this software, you have to make a deposit with a broker that is available for your country. The brokers available for each country will be listed on your Dashboard when you decide to make the initial deposit. Minimum deposit with a broker is $250 and it is processed by the broker which means that FXMasterBot stays completely free for use. Multiple depositing methods available to you to choose from that are 100% secure. Such as MasterCard, Visa and other credit cards, amongst others.

FXMasterBot-Available Brokers

As for the broker that you will be using, The FXMasterBot will automatically redirect you to the right brokerage firm in the internet. This depends with the availability of partner brokers in your specific country. You may chat with them on their site about this.

Click the banner below to join and start Earning with FXMasterBot.

Should I trust FXMasterBot

That is not really a question in this instance. The company behind FXMasterBot are European professionals and the bot is made only for real investors. FXMasterBot provides high frequency execution with updated signals.

FXMasterBot-Review Conclusion

If you were to research the most successful people in the world, you would find that a large percentage had that success come through wise investing. When investing in Forex, the movements are fast. With market data appearing and ending in minutes, the idea of a trader just sitting in front of their computer for hours on end is not practical. After all, successful people are busy people, with various tasks calling for their attention.

FXMasterBot is the right tool to trust if you don’t have time to sit and watch endless charts pouring out of wall street; Don’t miss out on any market update, let the master bot work for you whether you are a Forex or Binary options investor.

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  1. I am definitely considering to join this company. QUESTION: Did you do a review on Fintech Ltd? I had a rather distressing time with them.

  2. Hola.
    Estoy interesado en Fxmasterbot pero tengo dudas sobre como operar. No tengo muy claro como funciona la opcion Trading inversa. ¿Me pueden dar una explicación mas estensa?.
    ¿Que días son lo recomendable para operar y a que horas operar? Soy de España.

  3. Was ich beim Master Bot vermisse, sind die Beschreibungen, die hier zu lesen sind. Außerdem sehe ich das Handelsdiagramm nur im Echtgelmodus und kann nicht kontrollieren, wo der Kurs steht.

    1. Mit dem FX-Master-Bot können Sie den täglichen Stop-Loss, den täglichen Take-Profit und die Anzahl der Trades, die zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt getätigt werden, kontrollieren.

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