Pipbreaker Review

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Pipbreaker Review

Advertised as the best indicator for MT4, the Pipbreaker software offers traders a 90-93% success rate. The creators of the system, WeTalkTrade, believe that their product is “the most efficient way to trade manually,” with safety in mind. The majority of the promotional page focuses on the simplicity of the indicator, and the different features that they believe set them apart from their competitors in the Forex marketplace.

The indicator is owned and operated by WeTalkTrade, a Forex website that offers free trading signals, premium Forex signals, and a couple of indicators. They are located at 2711 Centerville Road, Suite 400, Wilmington, DE 19808, and can be contacted for support via the contact form on the website or their direct email, support@wetalktrade.com. More information can be found about this developer via their social profiles, or the reviews of their signals in the app store.

Pipbreaker Review

In the near future, I will provide a more in-depth analysis of the WeTalkTrade website, and signals, but today I’ll be concentrating on their Pipbreaker indicator. As I mentioned above, the vendor is focused heavily on the simplicity of their system. With that being said, the for features that they want traders to be most aware of, is that the indicator has a user-friendly design, works for all types of trading styles, promotes discipline trading and comes with 24 hour dedicated support. They are currently offering their support Monday through Friday, via both live chat and email. They promise that all emails will be responded to within 24 hours.

While the website is very professional, and clean, it isn’t a very detailed. I feel like the vendor is skimming the surface, but not truly providing information that will help me understand exactly how this works. In the features section, the developer mentions that this software can work for scalping, and long-term trading, but doesn’t give an explanation as to how that would work.

In deducing a lot of this information, I believe that it is up to the trader to use the indicator and figure out how it’s going to work for them. That means, that you will likely have to do extensive research on what pairs, and time frames are most successful with an approach that you have to build alongside the indicator. This is the same approach we see with the EFC Indicator, and X Scalper systems, which I’ve most recently reviewed.


  • Type: Forex Indicator
  • Price: $249.99
  • Strategy: All Strategies
  • Timeframe: All Timeframes
  • Pairs: All Pairs

The Pipbreaker indicator is advertised as “$249.99 only,” but in terms of Forex indicators, this is one of the most expensive that I’ve ever come across. A price this high is much more common in the Forex EA market. I’m not sure why this price was set where it is, but hopefully this is answered in the trading results section of the review. Hopefully the developers provide us with extensive trading results, the prove that their system is worth the price tag that they are advertising. There are no free downloads available for this indicator, at this point in time.

Trading Results

As I just mentioned above, I feel it’s really important for the Pipbreaker software to have an outstanding results in order to meet the 90-93% win rate expectations they’ve promised. Much to my surprise, the WeTalkTrade team are not providing trading results for their system.

There are a handful of screenshots so we know what the indicator looks like on the chart, and there are also a few testimonials, but no trading results.

I’m surprised by this, because the developers are advertising a 90-93% “success rate on all your trades.” Now, if the creators of this software have come to this winning percentage, then these numbers have to be coming from somewhere. I can’t imagine that the vendor is simply fabricating these numbers, because they are so specific. So, I hope that by mentioning this in the review, that they will read this and start providing us with trading results hosted on a website such as FX Blue or Myfxbook.

This would go a very long way in proving that the software works, in the short and long term.


There are a lot of aspects and elements that I appreciate when it comes to WeTalkTrade’s Pipbreaker indicator. Yet, with no real trading results at this point in time, I’m certainly still sitting in wait and see mode. There doesn’t seem to be a trial, there are no real client reviews outside of this website, and there is no proof that the MT4 indicator can sustain the winning percentage that is advertised. None of this information I’m providing you with means that this is a bad investment opportunity. All this means, is that I believe we should wait until the developer starts to upload trading statements and provide more details in terms of trading strategy.

Thank you for reading the review, and please let me know if you have anything you would like to add.

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