Smart Forex Robot is a scalper trading robot by MD Projects SMA. There is no address for this vendor. but for now if you need to contact support you can use the contact form made available on their sales page.

Note: There are so many things that we usually look for before awarding high ratings to an Expert Advisor. These expert advisors were only rated after considering those parameters. This is the reason they were highly rated.

Smart Forex Robot Review

Investors will get a scalper with 96.83% win rate and up to 20 years accumulated experience. Currently the price for a copy is $225 and it trades on 21 Forex pairs including the major forex pairs. The EA is specially designed for M1, and M5 time frame


Trading Results

The Smart Forex Robot vendors currently provide us with 12 back tests and one Myfxbook account. Personally, I don’t put any weight into back tests in 2017, because most EA’s are using too much live data that cannot be re-created via a back test. Having said that, my main focus will be in the analysis of the Myfxbook account.

The SmartForexRobot-portfolio 1 account is showing a gain of just over 247% in approximately a year of trading. In this year, the EA has traded 408 times and has had as many positive months as it’s had negative months. This isn’t an issue in this case, because the positive months far outweigh the negative months in terms of overall gain. That being said, the maximum drawdown they’ve ever had is 28.66%, so they don’t let trades run too long into the negative before they close them out.

Our best advise for you

There doesn’t seem to be any clients speaking up about their successes and failures with this EA, so hopefully those traders comment here. I generally like to see a handful of user reviews before I decide to jump in on any robot.

Thank you for stopping by, and please let me know if you need any help in the Forex market.

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